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Minister of Water, Irrigation, and Energy                                                                          
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Addis Abeba


The Ethiopian International Professional Support for Abbay (EIPSA) family would like to congratulate everybody involved in making the first stage-filling of the GERD a reality. Ethiopians who put their hearts, souls, and quite literally their money on the project are not just the ones that showed an explosion of jubilation on the extraordinary news. It is friends of Ethiopia and indeed everyone on the side of a just cause that was elated to have witnessed this exceptionally positive milestone.

Our first gratitude goes to the foot “soldiers” who have worked on designing, engineering and actually executing the tasks of the project in the scorching heat of the project site. To the workers at Guba, both domestic and foreign, - they have a mission more than just a means of employment. They have risen up to the challenges of executing a task with a commitment whose grand scale is matched only by the technical, political, and natural trials associated with it. Much more humbling has been witnessing their dedication all unwavered by the backbreaking, non-stop shifts, and the recent threats of COVID-19. 

A debt of gratitude goes to all Ethiopian governmental officials of Kings, Presidents, Prime Ministers showing exceptional leadership from the project inception to planning, and execution. In the last 50 years, all Ethiopian leaders have been consistent in Ethiopia’s right to use the Abbay River. 

Minister of Water, Irrigation, and Energy and Minister of Foreign Affairs and their teams and other ministries, who carried the mantles of masterminding the diplomatic and technical tasks associated with the project. We thank you.

Indeed, it’s Chief Engineers and project leads who deserve praise for carrying out such a massive responsibility for the last 10 years. 

The never-faltering negotiating team made everybody in support of the project proud, throughout a negotiation process that appeared to be gruesome, never-ending, and frustrating, even for spectators. In equal measure, the national panel of experts, who had to work around the clock for such a long time, have been the children of Ethiopia that have come to the rescue. 

The Ethiopian media has done a nice job of organizing information informing the public to which it deserves our thanks. The fundraising team has accomplished the incredible job of generating resources for such a grand project from a population with largely meagre incomes, setting a unique example for many in the process. 

The Ethiopian Defence and Security have been on the alert and always be ready for any circumstance at all times and have given assurance for the public at all times.

Ethiopians, Ethiopians in origin, and friends of Ethiopia around the world have been affirming the truth about Ethiopia’s use of Abbay River and its right to the international community in their capacity.   

We thank all for the profound task you are accomplishing; this will be part of Ethiopian history. You will be the chapters in history.

As a body formed to support the utilization of Abbay and the GERD in a professional, albeit humble, capacity, EIPSA also takes great pride in seeing the project grow to this stage. EIPSA would like to seize this opportunity to pledge that our effort shall continue along this direction. Our plan is for the activities of our association to grow into a more strategic, strengthened and expanded support and our services shall indeed be ready, to the best of our capacity. 

It is no longer a dream; it is a reality. Let us all celebrate for Ethiopia and our people!


Belachew C Tesfa, PhD


Ethiopian International Professional Support for Abay(EIPSA)

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