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Why is FAQ needed on GERD?
Over the past years, the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) has significantly attracted the attention of the media, scientific communities, political power corridors of the West, and the general public. There are over 6300 scientific contributions and at least two books written on the dam. Most of these publications are not readily accessible to the general public. Online information available about the dam is also fragmented, thus, insufficient for those with an appetite for comprehensive information. As a way of filling this information gap, the Ethiopian International Professional Support for Abay (EiPSA) has developed the FAQs on the GERD. 
The questions and answers are divided into three main parts:
  • Facts and figure about GERD
  • Benefits and impacts, and 
  • Negotiations and agreements. 

I. Facts and figures about GERD

II. GERD Benefits

III. Negotiations and agreements

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