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EIPSA Press Release on the Death of Eng Simengew Bekele

The Ethiopian International Professional Support for Abay (EIPSA) is shocked and saddened by the death of the distinguished Project Manager of Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), Eng Semengew Bekele, who was found dead in his car from a gunshot wound on the head, in the early morning of Thursday, 26th July.

Eng Bekele was an architect for GERD which has been built on the Blue Nile River in a place called Guba, 60 kilometres from Sudan, which holds 74 billion cubic meters (BCM) storage capacity and about 60 BCM live storage and which will produce 6.5 MW electric generation with 4.6 billion USD.

Eng Simengew led GERD with being an example in such esteemed profession. GERD is one of the most complex hydro projects in the world with many challenges from downstream countries at every stage of the project. In the last seven years, Eng Simengew was a key person in this by leading the complex projects in all aspects. He is also instrumental in the eighteen National Panel of Experts team for Ethiopia. He was giving critical decisions and professional advice for all Ethiopian negotiation team. 

Before GERD project, Eng Semengew had successfully completed Gibie 2 Hydraulic Power project from 2004 – 2009 by leading as a general project manager. He had also served his country as a counterpart Engineer for Gibie 1 hydraulic power project form 1999 – 2009.  Engineer Simengew was born in 1964 (1957 EC) at Maksengt town in North Gonder.

As we owe the project to the hardworking and selfless life of Eng Simengew Bekele, our national hero,  all EIPSA members from across the globe would like to pass our deepest condolences to his family and the Ethiopian people. We, EIPSA members, will renew our continued full professional support for the completion of the nation’s iconic project as soon as possible.

EIPSA calls upon our Prime Minster, Dr Abiy Ahmed, to hunt down the evil group behind the assassination of our hero and hold them accountable. We also ask the government to brief the nation on the status of the GERD project and mobilize all Ethiopians and Ethiopian origins to stand together and ensure the completion of our landmark project of national interest in short time. 

May the Almighty rest his soul in Eternal peace and comfort all the families .

26th July 2018

EIPSA executives


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Article | by Dr. Radut