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Press Release on President Donald Trump irresponsible comments on Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD)

Press release on President Donald Trump irresponsible comments on Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD)

25th Oct 2020

The Ethiopian International Support for Abbay (EIPSA) denounces the belligerent, irresponsible and inciting statement made by Donald Trump during his recent phone call to the prime minister of Sudan. Trump was heard saying that Egypt should “blow up the dam [Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD)” which is being built and fully funded by Ethiopia, a sovereign country. In all the conversations, Trump has lacked any knowledge of foreign policy and diplomacy in Africa.

During the “Nile Talks” held in Washington this past summer, Trump single-handedly tried to force Ethiopia to sign a deal that clearly favoured Egypt. Thanks to our negotiating team who refused to sign the biased deal that gave Egypt an advantage over the use of the Nile water. Following Ethiopia’s refusal to sign the biased deal in Washington, Trump announced that he will cancel the aid package to Ethiopia and he did.

Ethiopians all over the world are furious and angry about the statement made by Trump. Ethiopia, as a sovereign nation, does not and will not take its marching orders from an uneducated and irresponsible person, like Trump.

We, at EIPSA, would like to remind Trump, Egypt and others that Ethiopia will not bow down to any kind of force of all kinds and will defend itself. Our track record shows, more than once, Ethiopians respect the sovereignty of all other nations and seeks peaceful co-existence. However, if provoked and attacked, it is the blood of all Ethiopians to fight and defend their country.

Ethiopia and the United State of America have more than 117 years of strong diplomatic relationship. The relationship has been built with unshakable mutual cooperation in peace, security and regional stability. Ethiopia migrants are also the second populist African in the United State who contributed to all range of sectors. This long-stand tie will continue with people of United State of America.

We demand Trump to officially apologize to the people and Government of Ethiopia for making such a belligerent, uneducated and irresponsible statement that has regional and global ramifications. We also ask all Ethiopians to rally against Trump and expose his wicked intentions to the people of the United States and the Global Community.

Ethiopia will continue the peaceful negotiations with Egypt and Sudan for a final agreement based on equitable and reasonable utilization of Nile through the African Union mediation. GERD will bring huge benefits in African cooperation, development and regional integration.

Ethiopian International Support for Abbay (EIPSA)

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